Family jewels donated to hospice

The family of a former hospice patient have donated a stunning jewellery box, packed full of beautiful necklaces and earrings that have never even been worn.

Alan Hepworth, from Litherland, donated his sister Winifred’s jewellery and lots of other household goods, to the hospice after she passed away in June, following three months at St. Joseph’s Hospice in Thornton.

Alan said: “Winifred was unsure about going to the hospice at first but, once she was there, she was very happy and delighted with the care she received. She’s very independent and so she was worried that her freedom would be taken away but it wasn’t like that at all. By being at the hospice, it was a massive relief for all of us and we could enjoy spending quality time with Winifred without worrying about her care.

“Winifred always loved ordering nice things from TV shopping channels and kept everything in a near perfect, or even unused, condition. She just liked buying nice things and keeping them nice. The delivery drivers knew her so well; they even came to her funeral.”

Winifred’s jewellery is being sold on eBay to raise money for St. Joseph’s Hospice and her motor scooter is being sold in the hospice’s Kensington shop.

Jo Rigby-Clare, Retail Area Manager at St. Joseph’s Hospice, said: “We’re so very grateful to Alan and his family for donating so many wonderful treasures. The funds we raise in our shops go directly to caring for other patients and their families so every donation is very valuable.

“We are always on the lookout for a wide range of goods – from jewellery, clothes and toys to books and knick knacks. We also have a specialist furniture shop in Kensington and offer a furniture collection or house clearance service.

“We sell any valuable items through our eBay shop to make sure that we raise the appropriate amount of money for each item.”

If you’d like to arrange a house-clearance or furniture collection, call the hospice’s Kensington shop on 0151 260 6685.

Pictured: Alan and Marion Hepworth who donated Winifred's jewellery box to the hospice.