Collection boxes

Our collection boxes raise a lot of money for the hospice, from offices, shops, pubs, clubs and other businesses.

They provide a vital source of income to help St Joseph's Hospice continue to provide support to patients and their families. 

Give a box a home!

Donate your loose change to the hospice.

Our green cardboard collection boxes are ideal for the home - the perfect place to store your loose change! Just pop your change into the box, and when it was full, you can either pop along to the hospice and we can swap it for a new one, or give us a call and we will come & collect it.

Once we have counted up and banked the money you have collected, we will let you know how much you raised.

It really couldn't be easier.

If you can give a box a home - or have a full one waiting to be collected - please contact the fundraising team on 0151 932 6044.

Support our Collecting Tin Scheme

Can you put one of our green collecting tins in your office or business? 

Our collecting tins raise a lot of money for the hospice - we have them across Merseyside in shops, pubs, takeaways and offices. But we are always looking for more venues to have one of our tins.

We will drop off & collect the tins, and send you a certificate letting you know how much you have raised.

If you would be interested in helping us out - or have a tin that needs collecting - please get in touch with the fundraising team on 0151 932 6044.


Community Heroes

Can you be a Community Hero in your local area?

It takes us lots of time to drop off and pick up all the collecting tins in our area, and we are looking for volunteers to help us with this. You can do it at a time that suits you, and then just drop the tins back at the hospice for us.

We would also love our Community Heroes to help us putting posters in venues for our events (which you can take at the same time as collecting tins) and being our "eyes and ears" in your local community, letting us know about any events we may want to attend or community groups that may be able to support us.

If you have a few hours a month to spare, you can find out more about becoming a Community Hero here. If you would like to have a chat with us about what the role would involve, you can give us a call on 0151 932 6044 or email