Thank You

All the staff at St. Joseph's Hospice would like to say a very big, public thank you to everyone who has supported the hospice.

We are constantly overwhelmed and humbled by the loyalty and love shown to us by the families of current and former patients and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to tell us what the hospice means to them.

Here are some of these messages we have received...

If you would like to contribute to this page, please email and let us know what you think of the hospice and the care it provides.

"Dignity, care and compassion..."

"This time last year my mum came to St Joseph's Hospice, it was to be the last 4 weeks of her life. She was treated with care, dignity and compassion that whole time. I had no worries going home in the night of how she would be and if i did have any concerns i was told i could phone a nurse at any time. The hospice had such a big effect on me that I now do a few hours voluntary work there. I speak from both sides and I know that the staff cannot do enough for the patients and their families/friends." 💙💙💙💙💙"

"This is where I would want to be..."

"My father in law spent the last few weeks of his life there and the care he and his family received was second to none. Being perfectly honest when my turn comes if i am not lucky enough to die peacrfully in my sleep then this is where i would want to be."


"Wonderful place! Can't recommend it enough."

"I'm happy here"

"My sister spent her last weeks there and went from 'wanting to die' when she was at home to 'I've changed my mind now, I don't want to die, I'm happy here. How much do I have to pay to stay here? answer was no charge. All my family are forever grateful to Jospice."

"Support St Joseph's Hospice"

"No place like Hospice. This lovely place is the last "home" these people will know until they reach their eternal home. Support St Joseph's Hospice."

"We have nothing but praise for Jospice"

"We have nothing but praise for Jospice...they helped us when we needed it most. We will be forever in their debt."

"Nothing was too much trouble"

"The care devotion and dignity my dad received during his final months at St Josephs myself and family will never forget ..from the food which was thoroughly enjoyed by my dad and catered for whatever he requested!! Nothing was too much trouble, his room and also communal areas were spotless. The support we were also given as a family and to his grandchildren during a very difficult time by the whole care team went well and beyond their duty of care and could not fault it in anyway, they became part of our family ...I could go on and on with examples of how fantastic my dad was cared for such a privilege to have this hospice in our area xx"

"One of the most heart warming places I have ever stepped foot in"

"Jospice has got to be one of the most heart warming places I have ever stepped foot it, you guys spent 6 weeks looking after my lovely dad, but you also looked after me as well, on numerous occasions I came out of his room in tears within seconds I'd have a friendly arm around me. I would never be able to find the words to thank you for all you did for me during that time and to be perfectly as far as I'm concerned personal experience counts for a lot more than a number on a piece of paper, Jospice is amazing xx"

"We remain eternally grateful"

"I hope the CQC read these testimonials. Both our parents spent their last days at St Joseph's and we remain eternally grateful that this was the case."

"Care beyond words"

"My mum was in the hospice for 6 weeks in 2010 and the care that both my mum and myself received was just beyond words , words cannot express how grateful I was and always will be for what they did for us and will always support the hospice ❤️️"

"Long live Jospice"

"St Joseph's Hospice. Please do not change this 'Hospice' to a 'Hospital'. Two of my brothers (for unrelated reason) Billy for 3 years and Peter for 34 years had fantastic care at Jospice - in fact, the way they were cared for was the reason they lived so long with terminal illnesses. Billy had 6 months of 'hospital' and wasted away to a near skeleton, peg fed, no quality of life until we got him into Jospice and within months he was eating fish and chips and smoking - the MS got him in the end but we had 'a laugh' for 2 years. Peter before he went into Jospice spent 6 months in 'hospital' and four times he came close to death and had last rites performed by a Priest. On the few occasions over the 34 years he had to go into hospital every time he went in he got quite seriously 'more ill' - bed sores (he needed continuous turning) and picked up viruses. i am not saying hospitals are bad, but they do not have the staff to care like a Hospice - LONG LIVE JOSPICE!!

"The staff are excellent, a total credit to the profession"

"Jospice took care of my beloved Nanna in her final days & myself & my family couldn't thank them enough for what they did. The staff are excellent, a total credit to the profession & my Nanna's every need was met along with all our family members during such a difficult time. I know that, if it's ever needed, I wouldn't hesitate to use or recommend Jospice to everyone. Fantastic place."