Jospice Will Week


And support a local charity

Everyone knows how important it is to make plans for after we are gone. Drawing a will up is one of them, but yet only just over 30% of the population have made a will. This means that nearly 70% of the UK population will die intestate and will have no control over what will happen to their money, property or personal effects after they have died. Even if you think you have little to leave, it doesn’t make sense to draw up a few notes about where you want your money and personal effects to go, and even details maybe of arranging your funeral. Remember maybe a grand child has expressed an interest in an ornament or a daughter wanting an old family photo. All this can be put in your will.

There is a golden opportunity for you to put your wishes down in a will this coming May and at the same time support the work of Jospice. There are 12 solicitors who will draw your will up free of charge in return for a donation to Jospice during the week commencing Monday 18th May. It’s a good idea to make your appointment early as very often they get booked very quickly. Local firms Morecroft’s and Breen’s solicitors of Crosby have taken part in this initiative for several years and are happily giving of their time again this year. Also Whitfield’s solicitors of Formby. All you have to do is make an appointment at this stage and the solicitors will send the necessary details out to you.

See list of solicitors taking part here