Local solicitors support hospice Will Month

Seven solicitors from across Merseyside will be showing their support for St. Joseph’s Hospice throughout May.

Breens, Jackson Lee, Kirwans, Maxwell Hodge, McClure’s, Mooney Everett and Whitfields Solicitors are all giving up their time freely during May and redirecting 100% of all donations to the hospice.

This is incredibly valuable to the hospice as every donation it receives will help it to provide hospice services free of charge to patients and their loved ones.

Having a Will ensures that you decide what happens to your personal possessions. Wills can also prevent disagreements about who inherits what from your estate. Plus, if you live with a partner, but you’re not married, you can ensure that they, and any children, are adequately provided for.

Wills also help with tax planning and help to avoid or reduce in heritance tax. They can also provide a way for you to continue helping charities and good causes that you support during your lifetime.

Faye Lowery, head of private client and later life planning at Breens Solicitors, said: “We are proud to have supported St. Joseph’s Hospice for many years now, both through Will Month and as our charity of the year.

“It’s really important to have a Will in place so that those who you wish to benefit from your estate actually do. Many people worry about getting a Will because they hear ‘solicitor’ and assume it will be expensive but simple Wills are actually very affordable and Will Month is the ideal time to get it sorted.

“We will donate 100% of all the donations we receive for Wills during May to the hospice so we hope lots of people will get on board and book an appointment to get their Will written or updated during May.”

If you have any questions regarding Will Month, please contact us on 0151 932 6044 or email events@jospice.org.uk.

Book an appointment to write or update your Will, by contacting your preferred solicitor directly.