Hospice Gifts

We are really excited to bring you a fantastic, brand new range of St. Joseph’s Hospice merchandise, from which all the proceeds will go towards funding the care we provide to patients and their families every single day.

Did you know just one nurse’s shift cost £200, to feed all our patients for just one day costs £300 and a patient stay of three months costs £27,000?

This is why fundraising is such an important part of what we do as a charity because all the care we provide is absolutely free to patients at the time of need.

We know that St. Joseph’s Hospice holds a very special place in so many people’s hearts and so we wanted to share these beautiful gifts with you so that you can have a little piece of the hospice with you or maybe give to someone special.

The following gifts are available now directly from the hospice. Some of them are even available to order through the post.

Ballpoint Pens

£2 (available for delivery)


£6 (not available for delivery)

Golf Umbrella

£15 (not available for delivery)

All items are available to purchase from the hospice. Alternatively, please contact the fundraising team on 0151 932 6044 or email events@jospice.org.uk

Please note, any items sent through the post will be subject to postage costs.