Will Month 2021

This May, St. Joseph’s Hospice is holding its annual Will Month.

Will Month is the ideal opportunity to get your affairs in order, gain peace of mind and ensure that your wishes will be carried out. Make your Will during Will Month and you’ll also be supporting an amazing local charity...St. Joseph's Hospice of course!

Why make a Will?

  • It ensures that you can decide what happens to your personal possessions.
  • It can prevent disagreement about who inherits what from your estate.
  • If you live with a partner, but you’re not married, you can ensure that they, and any children, are adequately provided for.
  • It can allow you to deal with any necessary tax planning to avoid or reduce in heritance tax.
  • It can provide a way for you to continue helping charities and good causes that you support during your lifetime.
  • This year we are partnering with the local solicitors listed below who are kindly giving up their time and expertise and inviting you to make a donation to St Joseph’s Hospice instead of paying them their usual fee. Every donation we receive helps us to provide our services free of charge to our patients and their loved ones.

The following solicitors are giving up their time to support St Joseph's Hospice and they would like you to give a donation equal to their normal charges for making a Will. This does vary, so here are our suggested donation amounts:

£100 - Single Will
£150 - Mirror Will
£50 - Updated Will/Codicil

Participating Solicitors

McClure/Jones Whyte Solicitors
5th Floor, Exchange Flags, Horton House, Liverpool L2 3PF
Tel: 0800 852 1999
Email: contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk
Website: www.mcclure-solicitors.co.uk

McClure/Jones Whyte Solicitors
Hesketh Mount, 92-96 Lord Street, Southport PR8 1RJ
Tel: 0800 852 1999
Email: contactus@mcclure-solicitors.co.uk
Website: www.mcclure-solicitors.co.uk

Brown Turner Ross
11 St George’s Place, Lord Street, Southport PR9 0AL
Tel: 01704 542002
Email: claire.hamilton@brownturnerross.com
Website: www.brownturnerross.com

Ground Floor, Box Studios, Boundary Street, Liverpool L5 9UB
Tel: 0151 236 3366
Email: info@ddelaw.com
Website: www.ddelaw.com

Harvey Howell
1 Mount Pleasant, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 5PL
Tel: 0151 928 8597
Email: reception@harveyhowell.co.uk
Website: www.harveyhowell.co.uk

Formby Law
Marion House, 23-25 Elbow Lane, Formby L37 4AB
Tel: 01704 878501
Email: terry@formbylaw.com
Website: www.formbylaw.com

If you have any questions regarding Will Month, please contact us on 0151 932 6044 or email fundraising@jospice.org.uk.